Cutout High Waisted Retro Bikini

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Plus Size Women Retro Bold Cutout High Waist Bikini Set Swimwear Swimsuit(FBA)

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Fulfillment By Amazon(FBA) ONLY and Sold by Kathlena Boutique LLC(Los Angeles).

Please check size chart carefully before you buy, we suggest to order one size up if you are not sure.

M(US 12-14): Bust=96-100cm(37.8″-39.37″) Waist=80-84cm(31.5″-33.07″) Hip=100-104cm(39.37″-40.94″) Weight=45-55KG
L(US 14-16): Bust=100-104cm(39.37″-40.94″) Waist=84-88cm(33.07″-34.65″) Hip=104-108cm(40.94″-42.52″) Weight=45-55KG
XL(US 16-18): Bust=104-108cm(40.94″-42.52″) Waist=88-92cm(34.65″-36.22″) Hip=108-112cm(42.52″-44.09″) Weight=50-60KG
XXL(US 18-20): Bust=108-112cm(42.52″-44.09″) Waist=92-96cm(36.22″-37.8″) Hip=112-116cm(44.09″-45.67″) Weight=50-60KG
XXXL(US 20-22): Bust= 112-116cm(44.09″-45.67″) Waist=96-100cm(37.8″-39.37″) Hip=116-120cm(45.67″-47.24″) Weight=55-65KG
XXXXL(US 22-24): Bust= 116-120cm(45.67″-47.24″) Waist=100-104cm(39.37″-40.94″) Hip=120-124cm(47.24″-48.82″) Weight=65-75KG

For size XL Plus – 3X Plus, TOP run small, we suggest to order one size up:

XL Plus: Bust 29.5″~32.5″, Waist 28.8″, Hips 32″
1X Plus: Bust 31.2″~36.4″, Waist 29.5″, Hips 34.3″
2X Plus: Bust 32.7″~38.5″, Waist 31.2″, Hips 35.9″
3X Plus: Bust 34.3″~40.4″, Waist 34.3″, Hips 37.4″

Kathlena® Plus size bold cut-out bikini is the top selling and trendy swimsuit. The Kathlena® apparel, designed and manufactured by Kathlena Boutique LLC, please be cautious with replica or counterfeit products in the market.

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