Plus Size Leather Jacket – Combat The Winter With Style

Plus Size Leather Jacket – Combat The Winter With Style

Plus Size Leather Jacket

Combat the winter with a stylish plus size leather jacket. The typical approach of the fashion houses as well as designers towards fashion in general, and street style in particular, is changing. The paradigm shift is in accordance with the changing social trends in the modern digital world where honesty and real life stories generate more interest than fiction.

Thus we get to witness on the cover pages of our favorite magazines models who resemble the real women instead of the usual Barbie girls. Similarly, fashion runways also reflect the average women we see on the streets. As per a research conducted recently, the regular weight of an average British women is around 11 stones whereas the conventional fashion icons weigh average lies around 7-9 stones. The difference is quite evident.

In order to reach out to an average woman and let her relate to the fashion being showcased on the runways, all brands are focusing on setting up or launching stylish clothing lines for the Plus size women to cater to the majority. Whether it is the tunics, skirts, gowns or capes, these days we get to see every fashion staple readily available on the shelves or off the racks in plus size. The best part of the deal is that these essentials are available in quite reasonable prices and you don’t need to break your bank to get your cherished article. Thus affordable plus size fashion is no more a novel concept, wheels are already in motion.

Before opting for any particular kind of style for yourself, it is crucial to invest some time to admire and recognize your body. Though it seems like a daunting task, the reality can’t be more opposite. It is quite a simple task and what you need to do is to be your own cheerleader.

Of course, there are a few tips that always come in handy if you are aiming for an appealing look.

1.        LOVE YOUR BODY

Always keep in mind that you are different and unique. Embrace all positives of your body. Do not compare yourself to others. You are unique in your own skin. Admire your silhouette and work to customize the best styles so that they suit your personality and reflect your real self.


Skinny does not represent health. Try to live a healthy life style. Don’t over think about your weight as it is definitely your plus of a beauty dimension. Be yourself and carry your style with confidence. Love your curves because you definitely have more to love.



Know that you are ‘BEAUTIFUL’ and deserve praise. Remember appreciation is important. Use your size to highlight the best in your style. Make your PLUS a real style PLUS for you. After all you are worth it!



Remember a positive state of mind results in a happier and more contented you, thus resulting in a positive body. You are way too creative to make your style standout and glow.


Always remember, a style is truly dependent on the way you carry it. With confidence, even the lamest of the trends becomes popular. Winter is at its full glory and by now you must be looking for something extra elegant and chic for yourself to add to your winter closet which can keep you warm, define your personal look and makes your personality stand out in the crowd.

Nothing beats an opulent, timeless leather article for making an ultimate style statement. We cannot restrict the style only to winters as the stuff is ageless and can be worn at any event, any season and on any figure with ultimate style and dazzle. How about investing in an all-time favorite leather jacket this season? For a perfect outer wear which will give you a classy and polished look this winter, you need to go for a plus size leather jacket. However, selecting a perfect plus size leather jacket can be a daunting task for many. You need not to worry as there are a few trusted tricks that can do the trick for you. Let’s have a look at this guide and you’ll be all set to buy a perfect leather piece for yourself.



The shelves are stalked up with blazing motorcycle leather jackets by various brands. Owing to its classic cut and elegant lines, you can wear it both at night and for a casual day out. You can wear a turtle neck or even a sweater underneath and finish off the look with block heels and a subtle matte makeup and you are all set to rock this rider style with confidence.



Leather looks perfect if stitched with due care and style. Shawl-collar plus-size leather jackets are getting popular these days because of the tie detailing at the waist. The best part is that you can wear this style with cinched open or closed. Look for the neutral hues such as black or brown as you can wear them with almost every outfit. In addition, the darker shades help you look slender and trim.



Women’s Plus Size Faux Leather Motorcycle Biker Evana Jacket with Faux Fur Collar

For a defined, classic look, nothing beats an opulent yet stylish faux plus-size leather jacket. You can look for the classic black jacket with contrasted faux tucked on the sleeves, collars and back. Pair this up with your favorite denim and your Nike sneakers for a contemporary look.



Whatever leather outwear style you opt for, keep in mind to put some effort in finding the best tailored silhouettes for you. A perfect silhouette assures the best fit and can give you a sleek and smart look you’ve always wished for. Thus ensure that your plus-size leather jacket s well-cut and suited to your size so that you can pull off a polished and sophisticated look this winter season.



Plus4u Women's Faux Leather Fleece Contrast Detachable Hooded Jacket
Plus4u Women’s Faux Leather Fleece Contrast Detachable Hooded Jacket

A shearling trimmed collar bomber jacket is perfect for plus size. You can wear this up with your ankle boots and cashmere sweater or with turtle necks underneath.


6·        ZIPPER STYLE

If you are looking for some extra style kick, a traditional black or brown plus-size leather jacket with zips can do wonders for you. A diagonal cut across the body elevates the asymmetrical apprehension and gives you a slenderized look.


7·        SOME MORE TIPS

For a more sophisticated and workplace look, go for the below hip style. A waist belt defines the silhouette and results in a fitted, sleek look. A brown or camel is a softer substitute of the conventional black and looks elegant and chic when paired with cashmere inners and floral patterns.


Leather is a life-time kind of investment. Try to purchase your expensive and opulent leather piece intelligently. Invest some time in its care as well as the stuff can be worn on almost every season with unbeatable style and elegance. You are beautiful and deserve the very best. Stay calm and Happy Styling!