Hottest Plus size swimwear trends of Summer 2017

Hottest Plus size swimwear trends of Summer 2017

Plus Size Swimwear Trends


Coastal Blue Plus Size Swimwear Mesh High Neck One Piece Swimsuit

This year the plus size swimwear trends include a level of comfort blended with what is known as hot and sexy. For all the plus size women out there, it is time to embrace those sexy curves and enjoy swimming in your favorite pools. The first trend this year is the very basic one piece plus size swimwear. The one piece swim suit is perhaps the most comfortable swim wear since forever. This plus size swimwear is now available in all kinds of colors and prints which you can buy according to your complexion. The one piece suit is available in sleeveless top and full sleeved top as well. You can also buy an extra pair of tights along with your one piece suit and enjoy swimming without showing off your curvy physique!

Another trend this year is that of neon striped two piece plus size swimwear. For the curvy bodies, two piece swim suit includes a pair of shorts with bikini top. There are all kinds of colors with striped neon lines available in the market. This two piece short plus size swim wear is very comfortable for the plus size women. The shorts are easy to swim in and make your curves look good. Secondly, if you don’t feel like showing off your legs, wearing shorts is the best option.


Coastal Blue Plus Size Swimwear Classic Center Front-Twist One Piece Swimsuit

Another option is to wear swimming tights and bikini tops. This will make you comfortable for swimming without showing off your body. Tights give your curves a very nice look and make you look rather hot. Your sexy physique is given justice when you wear skin tight plus size swim wear and enjoy swimming with the perfect bikini top. Experiment with the latest colors and prints this year and enjoy wearing swim suits. These three options are for all kinds of plus size women who want to swim whenever they want to. Choose your style and look sexy this year.