5 Best Swimsuits To Hide Belly Pooch – Feeling Confident

5 Awesome Looking Swimsuits To Hide Belly Pooch

At some point you might ask yourself, what are the best swimsuits to hide belly pooch? In this post I will share with you the top 5 swimwear women wear to hide belly fat.

Summer may be almost over but that doesn’t mean there are still a few months to get out in the sun, catch some rays, and look your best in a swim suit. And as the heat begins to wind down, there are still plenty of opportunities for late night pool parties and lazing about as we move towards welcoming the pumpkin spice lattes, chill mornings, and the upcoming holiday season.

Though if you have put off putting on a swim suit this bikini season because you are bit embarrassed about holding a little extra weight, we are here to say don’t worry about it we’ve got you’ve covered. Literally we have put together a list of the top five swim suit to hide, disguise, and otherwise remove that little belly pooch from the equation.

But before we jump into discussing the best swimsuits to hide belly pooch, let’s take a moment to focus on body positive affirmation. While you have a bit of belly, some extra water weight, or simply struggle to lose extra pounds, that does not discount you from wearing what you like and feeling amazing in it. Remember ladies, it’s your body and it’s not here to please anyone.

That said, if you still want a bit of confidence boost and the perfect swimsuit to hide that belly pooch, let’s dive right in!

1. Always Classy, Simple, Elegant, and of Course Beautiful in La Blanca Women’s Plus Size Scarf Gypsy Surplice One Piece Swimsuit…



One piece swim suits have been around for quite some time, certainly there exist some old-timey videos of early sunbathers and beach-goers taking in the sun and waves in these classic pieces. Even more this classic has long been one of the best swimsuits to hide tummy bulge.

Though that doesn’t mean that they belong in the past. As everyone knows “what comes around goes around” applies to fashion sense as well. And as retro is the new cool, these bathing suit are back in style.

This new take on that summer classic is a bit different and specifically tailored to be a swimsuit to hide belly pooch. Unlike the classic one piece that often is made of stretchy material that expands over the body, these swimsuits feature a bit of ruffle in texture and a little more give around the middle. This makes it one of the best swimsuits to hide belly pooch for one simple reason. The texture and ruffles do wonders to disguise the extra weight we might be carrying around our midsections. Unfortunately, that is not true about its early ancestor. Classic and normal one pieces often stretch over the belly causing anything you might be trying to hide to become more pronounced and obviously more visible. Which we don’t need to tell you, is bad for a swimsuit to hide belly pooch.

Instead the extra texture allows a break in the sightline as it hides your lower belly pooch and gives you a slimmer looking figure while still letting you take in the sun and have some summer fun, making it one of the better options when looking for the best swimsuits for lower belly pooch.


2. Lalagen Women’s Straps Swimdress Plus Size Two Pieces Tankini Bikini Set…


Plus Size Two Pieces Tankini Bikini Set

Straps Swimdress Plus Size Two Pieces Tankini Bikini Set


It turns out the fad during the eighties has found its way back into modern culture and is back in style. So grab your giant cellphone, flash dance pants, and get ready to touch this in some high waisted swimsuits.

Every girl knows that high waisted shorts are the perfect answer for those looking for swimsuits for lower belly pooch while still looking fashionable. No longer are high waist lines simply for suburban moms and their jeans. Now a high waist line has become back in vogue as more and more celebrities and models opt for this classy, sophisticated look.

Taking that same appeal and ability to hide belly pooch to the waves, high waist two piece swimsuits are the perfect answer for anyone looking for bikinis for belly pooch. Now you no longer need to be confined to simply just wearing one pieces or skipping the beach entirely. Instead you can show a bit of skin, get a tan, and look killer doing it while you hide that belly pooch securely below that high waist line.

These bikinis are perfect anyone looking to hide their lower belly pooch as the extended waistline instead causes people to focus on the parts you want to show and highlights your natural beauty.

3. Getting that Fringe Appeal and Turning Heads in Simple Yet Flashy Fringe and Ruffle Swimsuits…


Fringe and Ruffle Swimsuits

Plus Size Jet Cami One Piece Swimdress


Who said it was bad to be on the fringe? Obviously someone without a sense of fashion at all. Everyone knows the fringe is in. Whether it’s fringe bangs, fringe skirts, or even fringe curtains, bringing the ruffle and fringe into your life tells people you know a thing or two about fashion.

Bringing that same appeal and smart fashion sense to the beach and the water, fringe and ruffle swimsuits are the perfect way to express you unique personality while still doing your best to look your best, also making it one of the best bathing suit for belly pooch So if you have put off putting on a bathing suit simply because you are carrying a little extra weight around your midsection, say goodbye to hiding your body and hello to the fringe.

Perfect for hiding belly pooch and even better for hiding lower belly pooch, the extra texture and shape of fringe and ruffle swimsuits help break up the straight lines of your body which are unflattering at times if you have a bit of unwanted belly pooch.

So feel free to play, slay, and above all look your best in fringe. These swimsuits are often made in wide variety of styles and textures, with some favoring long flowing fringe and others opting for shorter, yet more striking ruffles added to the mix. So you can find one you like and one that fits your style without having to look too hard.

4. Free Yourself From the Strap and Look Stunning in a Bandeau Blouson Tankini…

Maxine Of Hollywood Plus Size Bandeau Sarong One Piece Swimsuit

Plus Size Bandeau Sarong One-Piece


Every woman needs at least one strapless swimsuit in their collection. Going strapless offers you the ability to single yourself out among a crowd of beach goers trapped by the strap.

Though far too often and for far too long, going strapless meant having to buy a simply bandeau top, which is not always the best option for a swim suit trying to hide belly pooch. As normal bandeau tops often to offer much in terms of coverage and don’t really offer support for women with a little extra in some places.

Though the Bandeau Blouson Tankini answers the time old question of “can I go strapless and still hide that unwanted belly pooch?” Ok well maybe it’s not that old of a question, but still, it’s a question none the less.

These swimsuits are the perfect option for someone looking for bikinis for belly pooch while still wanting something different from the available options.

These swimsuit offer a bit of extra coverage when compared to other bikini options as they feature fabric extending from the traditional bandeau, perfect for disguising and hiding belly pooch. Pair one of these swim suits with a pair of high waisted bottoms and you have yourself the perfect answer for a nice summer day without the belly pooch, making it one of the best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge.


5. Stunning by the Beach or Even at Night at the Barefoot Bar with a Crossover One Piece Swimdress


Crossover One piece swimsuit

Elegant Crossover One Piece Swimdress Plus Size Tribal Print Swimsuit


More than simply another swimsuit to hide belly pooch, though it is perfect for hiding your lower belly pooch, the crossover one piece swimdress is the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a bit of versatility to their lives and swimsuits. Combining the aesthetics of that little black dress you love with the belly pooch hiding power of a one piece bathing suit, swim dresses are the classy lady’s answer to going out into the sun and catching some waves.

Crossovers are especially effective at hiding lower belly pooch as they offer much of the same coverage that a typical dress would offer though with the added benefit of letting you jump in the pool and get a tan.

These are the perfect plus size swimsuits for not only hiding belly pooch but also allowing you the freedom to continue killing it as you walk the pier, the poolside, or simply just catch some extra rays as you flaunt in about town.

Though unlike traditional swimdresses that completely cover up your beautiful body, the crossover allows you to show a bit of skin while still hiding everything you don’t want to show.  They are the classy ladies answer to a day out in the sun and the perfect solution for taming that lower belly pooch.

Though ladies please remember…

While these swimsuits are some of the best tummy control swimsuit and giving you that extra boost of confidence you may want while walking around the beach, pool, or wherever life brings you, being confident and sure of your body is something no bathing suit can do for you. That comes from you. So embrace your body positive love, look at yourself in the mirror and feel confident no matter what you wear. Because nothing is more attractive than being yourself.