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Affordable Plus Size Clothing

Affordable plus size clothing for all plus-size beauties, style is not invariably approachable and seldom economical. A size 16+ on magazine covers and mannequins is something rare. However the fashion scene is now changing and the fashion principles that community seems to edict can be confronted head on.

Plus Size Crepe Color Block Dress
Plus Size Crepe Color Block Dress
Umgee Boho Sleeveless Tie Dye Key Hole Ruffed Tunic Dress Plus Size
Umgee Boho Sleeveless Tie Dye Key Hole Ruffed Tunic Dress Plus Size



With a right selection of clothing, flares and fits, you can look stunning in your own skin. For a past few years, Brands are paying attention (finally) and have adopted a refreshing approach towards functionality, formation and fashion for plus size women. Looking around us today, we can find suede, faux fur and leather in the best of the silhouettes and fitting for the plus size beauties. The best part is that now you don’t even need to pay in extra, as these staples can be purchased at absolutely affordable prices these days.

The changing trend has manifested itself with quite a few top fashion brands placing plus size mannequins in their stores. These brands aim to appeal to a broader customer base in the women fashion market. As such affordable plus size clothing is no more a novel concept. There are scores of fashion brands that have launched their plus size clothing lines, which aim to provide affordable plus size clothing to their customers.

Plus Size Lace Tank Tops
Plus Size Lace Tank Tops

Whether they are a sensational size tops, bottoms or a duster coats, leather skirts with a button-down shirt or an elegant stylish suit, brands are investing in trendy fashion staples for full-figure women, so that they are not forced to compromise on their personal style. Remember that it is not the dress, not even your build or shape that really makes you,  you; it is your confidence that really counts and makes you alluring and beautiful.

The best part is that for your specific size, you no longer need to break your bank. Brands all over the world are now focusing on producing plus-size clothing for every event and season at remarkably competitive prices. Thus all you need to do is head out to the market and you are sure to find something for yourself off the shelves of affordable plus size clothing sections of any store.

2 Piece Swimsuits Plus Size
2 Piece Swimsuits Plus Size

We know curves are sexy, but do not forget that you have to make them work for you so as to pull off an elegant and graceful look. To meet the purpose, avoid opting for any style which can make you look drab or plain instead of curvalicious. You definitely don’t need to hide your best assets, however try to work on your proportions to add a style to your curvalicious body.

A sleek and stylish look can readily be achieved by opting for the styles that go well with your curves and show your best assets at their best. To get that right look for you, try to focus on minor details and the right placing of elements and accessories in your ensemble. Color combination is another critical element which has a tendency to give you a dashy look.

Let’s get it condensed in three golden principles, that will help you buy a perfect fit for yourself.

  • Assure legitimate fit: The major misconception regarding plus size clothing is to hide your curves in unending layers and oversized attires, however this will only make you look lumpier. Look for the accurate fit instead, to get a toned and perfect look.
  • Assess your body scale perfectly: Adornments and scaling textures or prints balance your size and make you look sleek in comparison.
  • Work intelligently with prints and detailing: Opt for vertical detailing so as to get the up and down look instead of side to side gaze.




  • MAKE HEELS YOUR MATE: Wearing heels gives you a slender and slim look. If you are not a high-heel loving of person, then opt for a sole which is  an inch or two thick and it will work perfectly for you.
  • SHOW MORE: Short skirts, deep necks, all contributes to make you look slimmer. However keep in mind that a graceful look is itself a beauty. Work to get a good combo of beauty with class.

Remember, you are beautiful and worth every bit of fashion in the air. Happy Styling!

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Plus Size Swimwear Trends


Coastal Blue Plus Size Swimwear Mesh High Neck One Piece Swimsuit

This year the plus size swimwear trends include a level of comfort blended with what is known as hot and sexy. For all the plus size women out there, it is time to embrace those sexy curves and enjoy swimming in your favorite pools. The first trend this year is the very basic one piece plus size swimwear. The one piece swim suit is perhaps the most comfortable swim wear since forever. This plus size swimwear is now available in all kinds of colors and prints which you can buy according to your complexion. The one piece suit is available in sleeveless top and full sleeved top as well. You can also buy an extra pair of tights along with your one piece suit and enjoy swimming without showing off your curvy physique!

Another trend this year is that of neon striped two piece plus size swimwear. For the curvy bodies, two piece swim suit includes a pair of shorts with bikini top. There are all kinds of colors with striped neon lines available in the market. This two piece short plus size swim wear is very comfortable for the plus size women. The shorts are easy to swim in and make your curves look good. Secondly, if you don’t feel like showing off your legs, wearing shorts is the best option.


Coastal Blue Plus Size Swimwear Classic Center Front-Twist One Piece Swimsuit

Another option is to wear swimming tights and bikini tops. This will make you comfortable for swimming without showing off your body. Tights give your curves a very nice look and make you look rather hot. Your sexy physique is given justice when you wear skin tight plus size swim wear and enjoy swimming with the perfect bikini top. Experiment with the latest colors and prints this year and enjoy wearing swim suits. These three options are for all kinds of plus size women who want to swim whenever they want to. Choose your style and look sexy this year.